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Tuesday, March 15

Breaking Dawn

                 The fourth, and final, book in the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer, Breaking Dawn wraps up all the little loose ends left by the previous novel in the saga, Eclipse, into a nice little package. If you've read Eclipse, then you should know that Bella and Edward are getting married, and that's the first thing that happens in the final novel. Naturally, Bella's not too thrilled with all the wedding planning, and leaves it all to her mother and Alice. The wedding goes perfectly, of course, and has an unexpected, but not unwanted guest. I won't say any more, except that the Cullen family has a new addition, and Jacob comes to terms with Bella's marriage in a way nobody could have seen coming. Well, unless you're psychic. This is definitely a good book; I actually own it, and have read it multiple times. If you want to know more, you've got to read it! Adios!

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