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Tuesday, May 17

The Tale of Two Pretties: A Clique Novel

              If you have not even picked up The Clique, then you are either a guy, or a major slacker. It is not like the other series associated with it, like Gossip Girl, or The A-List. Lisi Harrison goes much deeper in her characters, and they are only shallow on the outside. Personally, I even prefer The A-List over Gossip Girl, and I'm wondering why Gossip Girl is the one that got turned into a show.
             I just finished reading The Tale of Two Pretties, which, alas, is the last book in the series. All the girls are keeping secrets, secrets that could break up the Pretty Committee. Now, what those secrets are, I am so not telling. In the end, all the secrets come out, as they tend to do, and Massie is faced with a terrible decision, one that could change their lives forever. But change is good, right?

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